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Table 5 Risks of perinatal death among women who did not comply with the referral in comparison with women who complied by referral indications.

From: Effectiveness of maternal referral system in a rural setting: a case study from Rufiji district, Tanzania

Compliance to referral Perinatal death OR 95% CI
  Yes No   
Demographic risks     
Complied 14 386 1  
Did not comply 15 416 1 0.48-2.1
Obstetric historical risks     
Complied 3 118   
Did not comply 0 35   
Prenatal and natal complications a     
Complied 9 137 1  
Did not comply 2 48 1.6 0.34-7.8
  1. a3 women were referred of intrauterine foetal deaths. These are excluded in the prenatal and natal complication group.
  2. Odds ratio (OR) with 95% confidence intervals (CI)