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Table 1 Reasons for non participation in the study (n = 12).

From: Feasibility of the Dutch ICF Activity Inventory: a pilot study

  Number of patients (%)
Would take too much effort* 5 (41.7)
Seemed to be cognitively unable to participate 3 (25)
Died between the enrolment and the invitation. 1 (8.3)
Patient felt the regular intake process was too slow and only wanted to participate after rehabilitation 1 (8.3)
Patient could not be invited because personal, ophthalmic and/or other medical information was lacking 1 (8.3)
Reason was unclear (the patient's son made the decision) 1 (8.3)
  1. MRC: Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Centre
  2. * Two (16.7%) of these patients were participating in another study at this MRC