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Table 4 Common rationales for recommendations

From: Integrative care for the management of low back pain: use of a clinical care pathway

Modality Common Rationales
Exercise • Objective biomechanical testing suggest need for
     - strengthening, endurance training
     - increased flexibility
  • Fear of movement or activity
Self Care Education • Aggravating factors could be addressed with
     - ergonomics
     - activity modification
Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine • Stimulate flow of energy (qi) to decrease pain
  • Presentation fits classic Oriental medicine pattern
Massage • Tight muscles noted on exam/history
  • Benefit from a touch therapy; stress reliever
Chiropractic • Reduce pain
  • Increase joint range of motion
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy • Need skills for relaxation or activity scheduling to manage pain
  • Address fear of movement
Medication • Pain management
  • Review current medication