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Table 3 Examples of quotations regarding "barriers related to the insurance design"

From: Barriers of access to care in a managed competition model: lessons from Colombia

Category Quotations
Low coverage of specialized care of the subsidized benefits package "the subsidized regime is very limited, so it has a benefit plan that covers certain diseases and procedures. There is a great number of diseases, drugs and exams that are not covered (...)" (manager, public specialized care provider - subsidized rural network)
Classification of services by level of care "the fragmentation has been very serious, and very harmful, (...) here they fragmented the diseases (...). I mean, a patient can't get pneumonia and fungus on his feet because we treat pneumonia here, but fungus is treated in another place, so no, we can't treat any diseases here that aren't level III of care" (health professional, public secondary care provider - urban subsidized network)
Conditions that restrict access to services "you have 70 weeks of coverage and they have to pay 30% of 100 million pesos [33.334€], where are they going to get it?" (administrative professional, private secondary care provider - rural contributory network)