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Table 2 Content of the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) performed at hospital admission

From: A randomised clinical trial on a comprehensive geriatric assessment and intensive home follow-up after hospital discharge: the Transitional Care Bridge

Domain Question or instrument in CGA Condition/
1. Mobility and stability Have you been fallen once or more in the past six months? Falls
  Do you experience dizziness? Dizziness
  Have you ever had a fracture? Osteoporosis risk
2. Medication Only if patients use medication
Do you experience difficulties or side effect with medication use?
Medication safety and side effects
  Polypharmacy defined as the use or five or more different medications Polypharmacy
  Medication adherence with the questionnaire of Aburuz [24] Medication adherence
3. Nutrition Short Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (SNAQ) [25] Malnutrition
  Was the patient dehydrated at admission? Dehydration
  Difficulties with swallowing? Swallowing disturbance
   Obesity or underweight
  Body mass index Oral hygiene
  Do you have pain in your mouth?  
4. Urine and fecal problems Do you experience urine incontinence? Do you experience fecal incontinence Incontinence
  Do you experience obstipation? Obstipation
  Do you have an indwelling urinary catheter? Did you already have this at home? Indwelling urinary catheter use
5. Skin Do you have pressure ulcer(s)? Pressure ulcer
6. Pain Visual analogue scale for pain [26] Pain
7. Allergy Are you allergic? Allergy
1. Delirium Have you ever experienced a delirium? Delirium
  Confusement Assessment Method [27]  
2. Depression Geriatric depression Scale [28, 29] Depression
3. Cognition Mini-Mental State Examination [30] Cognitive impairement
4. Anxiety Do you feel anxious? Anxiety
5. Dependency Do you smoke? Alcohol, smoking and medication use
  Do you use alcohol  
  Do you use benzodiazepines?  
1. ADL functioning Katz ADL index score [19] ADL dependency
2. IADL functioning IADL questions of Lawton and Brody [31] IADL dependency
3. mobility difficulty Are you using a walking aid? Mobility difficulty
4. Hearing Do you experience difficulties with hearing, despite the use of a hearing aid? Hearing impairment
5. Visual Do you experience difficulties with your vision, despite the use of glasses? Visual impairment
6. Sleep Do you experience problems with sleeping? Sleeping disorder
  Do you use sleeping medication? If yes, how often?  
1. Loneliness De Jong Gierveld-questionnaire [32] Loneliness
2. Burden of care giver Care giver extension of the Minimal Data set Burden of care giver
3. Health related quality of life EQ-6 D [22] Health related quality of life
  1. The questions or instruments are a starting point for further diagnostics or treatment; if necessary a more intensive screening will be conducted by the multidisciplinary team