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Table 1 Scorecard: Identification of Seniors At Risk - Hospitalized Patients (ISAR-HP)

From: A randomised clinical trial on a comprehensive geriatric assessment and intensive home follow-up after hospital discharge: the Transitional Care Bridge

1. Before hospital admission, did you need assistance for IADL (e.g., assistance in housekeeping, preparing meals, shopping, etc.) on a regular basis? 1 0
2. Do you use a walking device (e.g., a cane, walking frame, crutches, etc.)? 2 0
3. Do you need assistance for traveling? 1 0
4. Did you pursue education after age 14? 0 1
Total score (circled figures)   
  1. Total score 0 or 1 = not at risk
  2. Total score ≥ 2 = patient is at risk for functional decline