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Table 1 Patient safety climate factors of the HSOPS used in the HSOPS study at Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway in October-November 2009

From: Patient safety in surgical environments: Cross-countries comparison of psychometric properties and results of the Norwegian version of the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety

Patient safety climate factors of the HSOPS Items
1. Overall perception of safety 4
2. Frequency of events reported 3
3. Supervisor or manager expectations and actions promoting patient safety 4
4. Organizational learning - continuous improvement 3
5. Teamwork within units 4
6. Communication openness 3
7. Feedback and communication about error 3
8. Non-punitive response to error 3
9. Adequate staffing 4
10. Hospital management support for patient safety 3
11. Teamwork across hospital units 4
12. Hospital handoffs and transitions 4