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Table 3 Official documents collected for the mental health country profile

From: Mental health priorities in Vietnam: a mixed-methods analysis

Document Publisher
   1. UN Youth Theme group, activities map 2006-2007 IOM
   2. Ly Ngoc Kinh, and Vuong Anh Duong (2005) WHO-AIMS findings WHO
   3. T. V. Cuong (2002) Morbidity rate of mental diseases - results from a survey of 67,380 people in 8 geographical areas Central Mental Hospital
   4. Information sheet IOM
   5. Harpham T, Tuan T (2006) From research evidence to policy: mental health care in Viet Nam. Bulletin of the World Health Organisation, vol.84 (8), pp: 1-5
   6. L. D. Truong, WHO support for mental health care of Vietnam. WHO
   7. (2007) Diagnosis, treatment, care and management guidelines for patients with mental disorders in the community MoH Community-based mental health project in collaboration with WHO.
   8. Summary report of meetings, field visits and workshop on Community-based mental health care held in Viet Nam on 25-26 June 2006 IOM
   9. T. V. Cuong (2004) report of the prevention and treatment of epilepsy and depression program. Central Mental Hospital
   10. Information leaflet Department of psychology and education
   11. (2007) Project: establishing the national integrated non-communicable diseases surveillance system (ndss) in Vietnam MoH, prevention and control of non-communicable diseases program
   12. H. Ngoc (2004) wandering through Vietnamese culture The Gioi Publishers
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   14. Mental Health Atlas 2005 WHO
   15. Vietnam Development Report 2008: Joint Donor Report to the Consultative Group Meeting Hanoi: World bank
   16. T Tuan, J Fisher, Meena Cabral de Mello et al. (2005) Report of Workshop on Primary mental health care for mothers and children in Vietnam. Hanoi, June 6 - 10 , 2005 RTCCD
   17. Harry Minas (2009). Reform of the MOLISA Centres for persons with severe mental disorders. Mission report to WHO & MOLISA, November 2009 MOLISA - WHO Hanoi