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Table 1 ICPC codes for selected diseases and organic systems

From: Prevalence of chronic diseases and morbidity in primary health care in central Greece: An epidemiological study

A. General  
B. Blood, lymphatics  
C. Digestive  
F. Eye  
H. Ear  
K. Circulatory  
   Elevated blood pressure K85, K86, K87
   Coronary heart disease K74, K75
L. Musculoskeletal  
   Osteoarthritis L83, L84, L89, L90, L91
   Osteoporosis L95
N. Neurological  
P. Psychological  
   Depression P03, P76, P78
   Anxiety disorders P01, P74, P75, P79, P82
R. Respiratory  
   Asthma R96
   COPD R79, R95
T. Endocrine, metabolic and nutritional  
   Lipid disorder T93
   Diabetes T89, T90
U. Urology  
X. Genital Female  
Y. Genital male