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Table 2 Best Practices in Progam Implementation Identified from the ARTAS-II Linkage to Care Demonstration Project, October 2004 - June 2007

From: Structural factors and best practices in implementing a linkage to HIV care program using the ARTAS model

1) Start-up: selecting an appropriate organization to implement a linkage to care program
2) Initiating and implementing: establishing and strengthening essential partnerships for a linkage to care program
3) Distinguishing ARTAS: differentiating linkage case management from long-term case management
4) Marketing the program: communicating the benefits of the linkage to care program to partners
5) Sustaining referrals: successful strategies for obtaining and sustaining referrals to the linkage to care program
6) Transportation for the linkage coordinator: the advantage of being mobile
7) Graduated disengagement: transitioning clients from ARTAS linkage case management to long-term case management
8) Support through supervision: providing consistent and ongoing support and supervision to the linkage coordinators
9) Post-project continuation of linkage programs: the experience of five sites.
  1. ARTAS = Antiretroviral Treatment Access Studies