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Table 4 Multilevel linear regression analyses with dependent variable diabetes-related contacts with the general practice and as independent variable presence of primary care nurse for newly diagnosed and known diabetes patients, 2006§.

From: Primary care nurses: effects on secondary care referrals for diabetes

  Newly diagnosed diabetes patients Known diabetes patients
  Model 1 Model 2# Model 1 Model 2#
  β 95% CI β 95% CI β 95% CI β 95% CI
Primary care nurse 0.04 -0.35-0.43 0.04 -0.35-0.43 0.04 -0.31-0.38 0.03 -0.32-0.38
  1. §For both newly diagnosed and known diabetes patient the number of diabetes-related contact with general practice was compared for practices with and without a primary care nurse.
  2. #analyses adjusted for age, gender, related and unrelated comorbidity