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Table 1 Benefits for those in Level 1 (lightest) before and after reform

From: Should the provision of home help services be contained?: Validation of the new preventive care policy in Japan

  Before reform After reform
Benefit ceiling per
month ($)*
$529   $427
Drawing and managing care plans Agencies selected by users   Local Comprehensive Support Centres
operated or supervised by municipalities
   Services available Same as other levels (except for institutional services not being available)   Limited to the benefits prescribed for this
and the 2nd Level
(objective is to prevent progress in disability)
   Home help service Same as other levels   Limited to tasks that the user cannot do (cleaning, shopping, cooking etc.)
   Day care services Same as other levels   Addition of services for physical strength training, guidance for nutrition and oral function
   Rental equipment Same as other levels   Wheelchairs and motor beds not allowed **
  1. * U.S. dollars using purchasing power parity rates (2006).
  2. ** Except when judged as needed by the doctor