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Table 2 Estimated numbers of chronic hepatitis B cases in B Positive project target areas*

From: Using a population-based approach to prevent hepatocellular cancer in New South Wales, Australia: effects on health services utilisation

Number of people in the target population/estimated HBV seroprevalence People born in Vietnam/10.5% People born in China/10.7% People born in Hong Kong/
Total in target countries of birth All others/
Total CHB cases, irrespective of country of birth
Total CHB cases, all ages 5,044 2,625 237 7,905 3,814 11,720
CHB cases, aged ≥ 35 3,544 2,100 161 5,805 2,550 8,355
  1. *Target areas: Fairfield, Liverpool, Bankstown, Canterbury and Auburn are Local Government Areas in the Greater Sydney metropolitan area
  2. Target population: people born in Vietnam, China and Hong Kong in the program target area