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Table 1 Summary of themes, categories and codes form analysis

From: Policy maker and provider knowledge and attitudes regarding the provision of emergency contraceptive pills within Lao PDR

Codes Categories Themes
Heard of ECP Understanding of ECP Limited knowledge, confusion and misconceptions of ECP
Lack of knowledge of mechanism   
Lack of knowledge of dosing   
Lack of knowledge of timing   
Lack of knowledge of side effects   
Confusion the different names of ECP   
Training Source of information  
Study tours   
Maternal & Child Health Center   
Agree to provide ECP versus disagree Access to ECP services Ambivalent atttitudes, hesitations towards increased access to ECP
Back up method   
Young people Target population  
Rape victim   
Married couples with occasional sexual intercourse   
Health care provider Distribution channels  
Maternal and Child   
Obstetric-gynaecological wards   
Positive effect Effect of Availability of ECP  
ECP encourage unsafe sexual behaviors   
Negative effect   
Outweigh of positive effect than negative effect   
No registered drugs Lack of information Barriers of use ECP
Clandestine drugs   
No drug supplier   
Lack of awareness of policy   
Shy and embarrassment Cultural values  
Negative attitudes towards premarital sex and abortion