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Table 1 Main characteristics of the Belgian health care system (2004)

From: Effectiveness of the introduction of a Chronic Care Model-based program for type 2 diabetes in Belgium

• Financing basis of public health is contribution and tax based
• Health expenditure amounts to 9.3% of gross domestic product (GDP)
• Health care expenditure per capita is 2922 (in US$ PPP)
• Coverage of population by public health is almost universal (compulsory)
• Out of pocket payments (proportion of total health expenditure) equals 23%
• Payment of GP is mainly fee-for-service with a limited capitation fee for registered patients
• GP to population ratio 1:909
• GP has no gatekeeper function; voluntary patient registration with a GP (since 1999)
• Approximately 70% of the GPs are working in single-handed practices
• About 66% of the GPs are using an electronic medical record (EMR)