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Table 4 Rank ordering of criteria in simple ranking and DCE exercise

From: Criteria for priority setting of HIV/AIDS interventions in Thailand: a discrete choice experiment

  Policy makers People living with HIV/AIDS Village Health Volunteers
Simple ranking       
   Rank 1 Effectiveness   Target group   Target group  
   Rank 2 Target group   Effectiveness   Gender of target group  
   Rank 3 Type of intervention   Quality of evidence   Type of intervention  
   Rank 4 Quality of evidence   Type of intervention   Effectiveness  
   Rank 5 Gender of target group   Gender of target group   Quality of evidence  
DCE   R2   R2   R2
   Rank 1 Effectiveness 0.152 Gender of target group 0.058 Effectiveness 0.075
   Rank 2 Type of intervention 0.091 Type of intervention 0.042 Target group 0.017
   Rank 3 Quality of evidence 0.053 Effectiveness 0.019 Gender of target group 0.016
   Rank 4 Target group 0.015 Quality of evidence 0.008 Type of intervention 0.013
   Rank 5 Gender of target group 0.014 Target group 0.003 Quality of evidence 0.006
  1. DCE, discrete choice experiments; R2, contribution R2