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Table 2 Attributes and levels

From: Criteria for priority setting of HIV/AIDS interventions in Thailand: a discrete choice experiment

Attributes Levels Level coding Definition
Target group Children (Child) Child 0 - 12 years old
  Teenagers Teen 13 - 20 years old
  High risk adults HiRisk ≥ 21 years old with high risk behavior e.g. sex workers,
    men who have sex with men, injected drug users,
    pregnant women, etc.
  All adults Adults ≥ 21 years old without any specification
Gender of Male Male aiming to male population
target group Female Female aiming to female population
  Both genders BothGen not specify gender of target group
Type of Treatment and care of patients HIV aiming to treat HIV infected people (CD4 ≥ 200) and
intervention with HIV (not AIDS)   reduce HIV transmission
  Treatment and care of patients AIDS aiming to treat AIDS patients (CD4 < 200)
  with AIDS   
  Preventing HIV Prevent aiming to prevent general publics from HIV infection
Effectiveness Low effective LoEff less than 50% of participants benefit
  High effective HiEff more than 50% of participants benefit
Quality of evidence Weak evidence Weak no evidence but observation and/or expert opinions
on effectiveness Strong evidence Strong evidence from domestic and/or international literatures