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Table 4 Incremental costs and depression-free days.

From: Cost-effectiveness of collaborative care for the treatment of major depressive disorder in primary care. A systematic review

Study Incremental DFDs for CC vs. CAU Incremental costs for CC vs. CAU in US$ Costs measurement
Von Korff et al[23] None reported 3741 Intervention costs, primary care costs (average direct and overhead costs to the health maintenance organization)
Simon et al[24] 47.4 1640 Total health services costs (anti-depressants, outpatient specialty services, inpatient services, intervention costs)
Simon et al[25] 16.8 296 Health services costs (outpatient costs, inpatient costs mental health specialty costs, medications, visits CC psychiatrist)
Schoenbaum et al[26] None reported 485 Intervention costs, healthcare costs (emergency department visits, medical and mental health visits, and psychotropic medications used)
Liu et al[27] 14.6 1157 Total health services costs (antidepressants, primary care visits, mental health specialty care, intervention program costs)
Araya et al[28] 50 36.4 Total health services costs (Medical consultation costs, medication use, use of health services, intervention costs)
Katon et al[29] 107 (2 years follow-up) 921 (two years follow-up) Total health services costs (anti-depressants, intervention costs, outpatient specialty mental health care costs)
Simon et al[30] 20 26 Total outpatient costs (outpatient depression treatment costs and outpatient non-depression treatment costs)
  1. DFD = depression-free day; CC = collaborative care; CAU = care as usual.