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Table 1 Quality assessment of the RCTs by using the Cochrane Quality checklist[16].

From: Cost-effectiveness of collaborative care for the treatment of major depressive disorder in primary care. A systematic review

Article Quality grade (out of 7) By reviewer: Article included/excluded
  KW CFC  
Von Korff et al[23] 4 4 Included
Simon et al[24] 5 5 Included
Simon et al[25] 6 6 Included
Schoembaum et al[26] 4 4 Included
Liu et al[27] 4 4 Included
Araya et al[28] 4 4 Included
Katon et al[29] 4 4 Included
Simon et al[30] 5 6 included
  1. Cochrane Quality Checklist: randomized allocation of participants, concealed treatment allocation, blinded patients, blinded caregivers, blinded outcome assessors, drop-out rate acceptable, intention-to-treat analysis performed.