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Table 1 Sample profile compared to all Australian naturopaths

From: A qualitative study of naturopathy in rural practice: A focus upon naturopaths' experiences and perceptions of rural patients and demands for their services

  Australian Average* Sample population
Average Age 44.1 39.2
% Female 76% 55%
No of Years in Practice 6.7 years 8.2 years
Average Training Length 3.1 years 3.5 years
Weekly Hours in Clinic 24.8 hrs 32.1 hrs
  1. *Average data for Australian naturopathic workforce taken from Lin V, Bensoussan A, Myers SP, McCabe P, Cohen M, Hill S, Howse G: The practice and regulatory requirements of naturopathy and western herbal medicine. Melbourne: Victorian Department of Human Services, 2005 [65]