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Table 1 Glossary of common acronyms and technical words

From: Applying an extended theoretical framework for data collection mode to health services research

ACASI Audio Computer Assisted Self-Interview
Acquiescence A response bias whereby respondents simply agree with an attitudinal statements regardless of content
CAPI Computer Assisted Personal Interview
CAT Computerised Adaptive Testing
CATI Computer Assisted Telephone Interview
IRT Item Response Theory
IVR Interactive Voice Response
Optimising The process of carefully and comprehensively proceeding through all cognitive steps required when answering a survey question.
PAPI Paper And Pencil Interview
PDA Personal Digital Assistant (handheld computer)
PROM Patient reported outcome measure
Satisficing A strategy of providing a satisfactory response to a survey question without the respondent expending the intended cognitive effort. This may be due to either incomplete, biased or absent retrieval and/or integration of information when responding.