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Table 1 Interview guide

From: Guidelines; from foe to friend? Comparative interviews with GPs in Norway and Denmark

1. A short round about each participant's practice.
2. Are guidelines an important part of your practices?
3. Guidelines you are familiar with and use? Why these?
4. Trust in the evidence and the guidelines?
5. What characterises useful guidelines?
6. To what degree do you feel you should follow guidelines?
7. Arguments for extended use of guidelines?
8. Arguments for restricting the use of guidelines?
9. Do different guidelines give diverging advice?
10. Do you experience challenges in combining guidelines and clinical discretions?
11. To what degree do you see it as an ideal to comply with patients' wishes and share decisions with patients?
12. Do you see guidelines as a challenge or as support in relation to negotiations with patients and your role as gatekeeper?