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Table 1 Characteristics in literature to differentiate between types of focused factories

From: Exploring types of focused factories in hospital care: a multiple case study

Product characteristics Process characteristics
Product variety [6, 11]:
The number and volumes of products or parts produced in the manufacturing system (product life cycle: evolving from low-volume one of a kind products towards high volume standardized products)
Customer intimacy [10]:
The degree to which the customer interacts with the service, combined with the degree to which the service is customized for the consumer
Customer influence [40]:
The degree to which the customer influences the service by his presence, participation or interaction with the system
Customization [40, 41]:
The degree of customization (discretion) allowed for in the service delivery system
Uniqueness of services [42]:
The degree of discretion, freedom, and decision making power in selecting their service combined with the degree of repeatability of the service
Volume of customers [41]:
The number of customers processed per business unit per period
Process variety [6, 11]:
The number of technologies used in the manufacturing system (process life cycle: evolving from job-shop flexible systems towards continuous standardized systems)
Labor intensity [10]:
The ratio of labor costs incurred to the value of the plant and equipment
Number of routes in the delivery system [42]
The number of unique pathways (routes) customers can take as they move through the service system during delivery of the service.