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Table 1 Pilot services and new clinical roles

From: A toolkit for incorporating genetics into mainstream medical services: Learning from service development pilots in England

Pilot service New clinical roles:
  Genetic Counsellor working mainly outside the specialist genetics service Nurse specialist in a mainstream specialty undertaking work in genetics in that specialty
The integration and development of renal genetics and nephrology services (No information) (No information)
Developing mainstream genetic services in renal, cardiac and endocrine genetics - Nurse specialist in renal genetics
Nurse specialist in cardiac genetics
Nurse specialist in endocrine genetics
Community based, hospital linked genetic services for extended family members of consanguineous Asian families affected by autosomal recessive genetic disorders Specialist genetic health visitor -
DialGEN - Developing a Liaison Service for Genetics in Medicine DialGEN genetic counsellor Arrhythmia nurse specialist - genetics liaison
High risk midwife - genetics liaison
Haemophilia nurse specialist - genetics liaison
Delivering genetics within the community Community genetic counsellor -
Genetic educational seminars. A targeted education programme for health professionals covering a wide range of genetic diseases (No information) (No information)
'Genetics in Health' - a community project (No information) (No information)
Developing integrated care pathways and guidelines for routine monitoring of selected genetic disorders in primary and secondary care - Senior cardiac liaison nurse
Bringing genetics into mainstream clinical practice: Haemochromatosis - Extended role for liver/alcohol nurse specialist in gastroenterology service
Development of specialist ophthalmic-genetic counsellor and care pathways Ophthalmic genetic counsellor -